CHIP Seq Analysis by DiffBind Package
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3.4 years ago

Hi I am using DiffBind package for CHIP Seq Analysis

I have made a sample sheet for input. My samples have different dimension. This error is coming. Have anyone ever faced this problem?

library(DiffBind) Data <- dba(sampleSheet="SampleSheet.txt") 1 NA raw Error in if { : argument is of length zero In addition: Warning message: In stripSpaces(samples) : Removed white space from chr1 27504469 27504745 3.700626815

Samples<-read.table("SampleSheet.txt", header=TRUE) Error in scan(file = file, what = what, sep = sep, quote = quote, dec = dec, : line 21602 did not have 32 elements

Any comment? about how to solve this?

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3.4 years ago
Rory Stark ★ 2.0k

The second line seems to indicate that your SampleSheet.txt file has at least 21602 lines, is that correct? Can you show your samplesheet?

Something is incorrectly formatted, either in the sample sheet, or one (or more) of the Peak files, or both.


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