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For a school project, my group and I were thinking of making a full suite of Biopython tools available via a web interface (no coding necessary by users). Would there be any demand for this kind of website? Or would it be redundant since there is Emboss?

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I think making a tool that requires no coding but notionally provides BioPython functionally is a bit of a contradiction in terms.

To my mind the entire point of BioPython is to be able to rapidly code your own tools. It might make for a fun/informative project, but I'm not sure of its overall utility. This may just be me though.

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@Joe, we are starting with implementing our own Needleman and Waterman with a Plotly Dash frontend. Unfortunately, our group stumbled on Needleman so was looking at using:

6.6.2  PairwiseAligner

The new Bio.Align.PairwiseAligner implements the Needleman-Wunsch,
Smith-Waterman, Gotoh (three-state), and Waterman-Smith-Beyer global
and local pairwise alignment algorithms. We refer to Durbin et al.
[16] for in-depth information on sequence alignment algorithms.

Biopython automatically chooses the algorithm based on the gap penalty parameters but we are having trouble discerning among them:

>>> print(aligner) Pairwise sequence aligner with parameters   match_score: 1.000000   mismatch_score: 0.000000  
 target_internal_open_gap_score: 0.000000  
 target_internal_extend_gap_score: 0.000000  
 target_left_open_gap_score: 0.000000  
 target_left_extend_gap_score: 0.000000  
 target_right_open_gap_score: 0.000000  
 target_right_extend_gap_score: 0.000000  
 query_internal_open_gap_score: 0.000000  
 query_internal_extend_gap_score: 0.000000  
 query_left_open_gap_score: 0.000000  
 query_left_extend_gap_score: 0.000000  
 query_right_open_gap_score: 0.000000  
 query_right_extend_gap_score: 0.000000  
 mode: local <BLANKLINE>
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What are internal, target, query?

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Target and query refer to the 2 sequences. "Internal" means opening a gap within the sequence c.f. the ends of the sequence (the former is generally more expensive).

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