Arrow GFF Does Not List All Polishing Changes
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24 months ago


I was considering using the GFF file produced by arrow to transfer annotations before and after polishing.

However, I noticed that this file does not contain a full list of changes made by polishing. This means the strategy above can have problems.

For example, here is an Arrow polishing GFF file:

[seq_name]  .   insertion   34602   34602   .   .   .   reference=.;variantSeq=GGGGGGTATCT;coverage=100;confidence=93
[seq_name]  .   insertion   34753   34753   .   .   .   reference=.;variantSeq=C;coverage=100;confidence=93

And here are the differences found from a BWA-MEM alignment and .pileup file creation (although I removed some columns and the unchanged rows below):

prev_assembly   pos pref_ref    new_ref
[seq_name]  15648   T   .+1C
[seq_name]  28683   T   .+1G
[seq_name]  31652   A   .-2CC
[seq_name]  32992   C   .-1A
[seq_name]  34602   A   .+11GGGGGGTATCT
[seq_name]  34753   G   .+1C
[seq_name]  101768  A   .+1C

The 2 changes listed in the GFF file were in fact made (at positions 34602 and 34753 in the .pileup file). However, the polishing also made additional changes.

Is this something that everybody is familiar with? Am I correct that there is no way to list all polishing changes made in the GFF file from Arrow?

I am using Arrow version 2.3.3, as loaded by pbbioconda.

Thank You,


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