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12 months ago
Aini • 0

Hello, I am using topGo for customized background enrichment analysis. i made background file by names of genes and their corresponding GO IDs. I can do fisher's teat and every thing mentioned in the manual. I want my result table correspond to gene name not GO IDs. I found a code to find genes against GO ids

myterms = c("GO:0007610", "GO:0014070", "GO:0045910") mygenes <- genesInTerm(myGOdata, myterms)

for (i in 1:length(myterms)) { myterm <- myterms[i] mygenesforterm <- mygenes[myterm][[1]] mygenesforterm <- paste(mygenesforterm, collapse=',') print(paste("Term",myterm,"genes:",mygenesforterm)) }

i want opposite of it. From gene name to GO ids table. I am new to this. kindly help me.

thank you

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