Pairwise Fst values derived from different algorithms?
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17 months ago

Hello, I know that the Wright's Fixation Index (Fst) can range between 0 and 1 and for pairwise Fst is the same meaning that 0 two populations are not differentiated and 1 they are.

I also noticed that the range can change from algorithm to algorithm used to generate the pairwise Fst values and it is possible to obtain negative pairwise Fst values (Wier-Cockerham, 1984). And I know that the neg Fst might mean that the variance is mostly within pops rather than between the two populations. However, can I approximate these negative values to 0 ? Would any negative value generated using the Wier-Cockerham method have the same meaning as a pairwise Fst value of 0 (using a different algorithm)? Or are the two scales different ?



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