Help with analyzing NCBI tissue expression data - solr xml file
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15 months ago

I'm trying to access the complete ncbi tissue expression dataset. When you look at any individual gene, NCBI provides a
expression chart to look at rna-seq counts across tissues. For example, You can see higher expression in brain and lymph nodes.

I contacted ncbi, and they showed me the data for all genes is accessible here:

The data is a giant xml file that's formatted for solr Apache databse. They provide a schema file to help read the data.

However, my first attempt at loading the data into solr totally failed. Has anyone set up scripts for loading and querying this data?

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Wow that worked perfectly! Thanks.

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15 months ago

The XML file is buggy, there is no XML root element.

Download it: wget ""

fix the xml by adding a root element.

(echo "<root>" && gunzip -c PRJEB2445_GRCh38.p2_107_expression.xml.gz  && echo "</root>" )  > tmp.xml

process with an XSLT stylesheet below to generate a table. (slow and memory consumming)

xsltproc  biostar492866.xsl tmp.xml


entropy exp_Mcount  exp_rpkm    exp_total   full_rpkm   gene    id  is_metadata is_sample   project_desc    sample_id   source_name sra_id  taxid   var 
    16177.9                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962332   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962332 thyroid ERS025090   9606    
    16970.1                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962333   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962333 testes  ERS025094   9606    
    17645.9                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962334   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962334 prostate    ERS025095   9606    
    15620.7                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962335   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962335 liver   ERS025096   9606    
    17816.5                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962336   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962336 white blood cells   ERS025091   9606    
    24649.8                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962337   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962337 16 tissues mixture  ERS025093   9606    
    17701.4                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962338   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962338 lung    ERS025099   9606    
    19777.8                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962339   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962339 adipose ERS025098   9606    
    18398.2                 metadata_9606_SAMEA962340   true    true    PRJEB2445   SAMEA962340 breast  ERS025088   9606

but the best way to process such big xml file is to use a STAX or a SAX parser. ( A: Is There Any Tool To Extract Demanded Information From An Asn/Xml File? Convert XML file to FASTA ... )


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