Can I differenciate between two variants of the same plant spicies with NGS?
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3.3 years ago
jomagrax ▴ 40

Hi everyone,

My current proyect aims to determine if two samples from the same plant specie belong to the same variant.

One way I have seen is through microsatellites to obtain a ratio of polymorphism, the thing is I would have to validate the existing primers for my system and buy them marked for the capilar electrophoresis. Wich increases my budget for something I plan to do once.

I have seen studies that achive to obtain the rate of heterozygosity with genome sequencing and SNP/indels calling, but they used inbreed lines, wich I donĀ“t think I have.

So my question is, Can I obtain a solid conclussion about if the two samples from the same plant specie belong to the same variant with genome sequencing?

Are there some other strategies I should consider?

Thanks in advance, Jose.

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