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Dear all,

Registrations are now open for the 2nd edition of the ONLINE course "Analysis of Transposable elements"

Dates: 14th-18th June

Course website:

Instructor: Dr. Alexander Suh (University of East Anglia, UK)

In this course we will teach Transposable elements (TEs) biology, computational analyses of TEs in genome assemblies (RepeatModeler, RepeatMasker) and raw read data (dnaPipeTE), and manual analyses of TEs (consensus curation, classification).

At the end of this course, attendants should be able to conduct computational analyses of TEs, interpret the results in the light of TE biology, and improve TE annotations through manual curation. To achieve this, the first three days of the course will provide lectures and practicals on all these topics. The last two days of the course consist entirely of supervised individual practicals to further refine the attendants’ skills in computational and manual analyses of TEs, either in their own data or in a course-specific collaborative project.

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