R-Nb Clust. Can you acces alternative -not best- clustering partitions?
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3 months ago

I was doing some clustering trying to see if my i can distinguish groups in my data, and i stumbled uppon NbClust.

But when i run my code, i can obtain the best partition according to majority rule, but is there a way to acces another alternatives partitions? According to majority rule, i can identify two clusters in my data, but there is like 7 indexes that identify 5 clusters as the best option.

Can i access this partitions in any way? I tried using a vector as the index value, but it only takes the first argument. I supose i could go index by index, but i understand that the ideal here would be to look up at the same time to the 7 partitions that those indexes use to make the 5clusters in order to the function to get the best.

res <- NbClust(data[3:ncol(data)],distance="euclidean",min.nc=2,max.nc=8 ,method="ward.D2",index="alllong") 
res <- NbClust(data[3:ncol(data)],distance="euclidean",min.nc=2,max.nc=8 ,method="ward.D2",index=c("rubin","cindex"))

This only takes the first item in the vector as the argument.

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