Few samples for WGCNA coex network
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7 months ago

Hi Every one. Maybe more than a question, i guess this could be a kind of debate...

I would like to know what is your opinion about performing a Coexpression Newtork Analysis in WGCNA. I know they suggest 20 samples and a minimum of 15 to perform it.

The samples that i have, are:

6 from condition A
6 from condition B

Both are the same organism, but found in different viscera.

Considering that:

  1. I have "almost" de minimum samples
  2. the samples are very hard to found
  3. the costs of perform an RNAseq analysis

What is your opinion on this? i mean i have done the experiment, so now its time to justify but i have not found many papers with low number of samples (for sure because it is not recommended to perform this analysis with few samples).

Despite this, the results are more probably to show false positive results? what other pitfalls could have results like this?

I really appreciate your help.

Best regards from a new guy inside RNA-Seq world

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