Best Place To Start Learning Qtl Analysis Or Mapping
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9.6 years ago
roll ▴ 330

Hi, I am trying to learn QTL analysis. I am very new to the field and couldn't find the best place to start with. There are many papers but not knowing the basics makes it hard for me to learn the topic. So I was wondering if someone can suggest me a good tutorial, introductory or review paper or video lectures. Some codes/software(with sample data so that I can see what is the input and what is the output) that is used for QTL analysis would be very helpful as well. Thank you in advance,best

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9.6 years ago
Josh Herr 5.7k

QTL mapping is a difficult field to penetrate. I'm by no means a mapper but most of my co-workers are heavily into physical and linkage mapping and QTLs.

I would recommend the Falconer & McKay Book: Introduction to Quantitative Genetics. This is THE classic, IMHO.

I haven't had so much time with the Lynch & Walsh book, but that gets a thumbs up too: Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits

I've really only ever used R for mapping. Karl Broman's R/qtl package will get you started scripting with this tutorial.

The gold standard (and expensive) program is JoinMap/MapQTL. It interfaces with lots of other free programs, SNP callers, etc., and is powerful (but as I said, expensive).

These are just my favorites and I am a novice. Best of luck! This is a dense area of genetics/genomics!


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