Protein Domain Swap Prediction
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11.6 years ago
kajendiran56 ▴ 120

Dear All, I was looking to see if there are any existing algorithms available that will predict from crystal structure data i.e. PDB file, the potential domain swap interactions that could exist between two proteins. I have looked but I have not been able to find anything. It may be the case that such a thing does not exist but I thought that I would ask for your input.

Thank you in advance.

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8.2 years ago

I have developed RandomForest and SVM-based machine learning algorithms to predict 3D swapping from structure and sequence as part of my thesis work. I have also developed a comprehensive, molecular-class specific database on proteins with structural swapping (See: 3DSwap). There is follow-up work by from the lab on understanding how swapping is influencing function, human disease, structural aspects and proteome-scale prediction of swapping.

PS. Seeing this question now (after 3.6 years; thanks for Biostar prioritization algorithm), I am not sure how I missed it


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