Question: Computing B-Allele Frequency From Bam Or Vcf Related To Exome Samples
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Stephwen140 wrote:

Hi everyone,

I would like to compute BAF profiles for samples whose exome has been sequenced. I thus have the BAM files, and VCF files containing the SNPs, which were called with a GATK-based pipeline.

At first I thought about using the VCF files, and considering that each position which is not present in the VCF has a BAF of 0, and for each position present in the VCF, the BAF was computed as follows:

BAF = coverage Alt / (coverage Alt + coverage Ref)

where coverage Alt is the coverage of the alternate allele(s), and coverage Ref is the coverage of the reference allele(s)

Of course, by doing so, the BAF has a value of zero at most positions.

I was wondering if this method was correct, and if they were other ways to do it.


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I am trying to perform a similar task. I was just wondering if you got two traces approximately symmetrical around 0.5 in your BAF plot. I am roughly getting a single trace for each chromosome (or segment), and have a bit of difficulty interpreting.

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Irsan7.2k wrote:

Download a bed-file with snp coordinates (because otherwise like you said most coordinate will have BAF=0):

Go to UCSC tables and choose your preferred snp-table (example) and for output format choose BED.

Then make a script called

use strict;
use warnings;
use Getopt::Long qw(:config pass_through no_ignore_case);

my ($min_reads) = (10);
GetOptions (
        "min-reads:s" => \$min_reads,

while (<>) {
        my $line = $_;
        my @columns = split("\t",$line);
        my $chr = $columns[0];
        my $start = $columns[1];
        my $end = $start + 1;
        my $num_reads = $columns[3];
        my $calls = $columns[4];
        my $id = "mpileup_number_" . $.;
        if($num_reads < $min_reads){ # not enough coverage to have good confidence in the call
        my $num_ref = 0;
        while ($calls =~ /[,.]/g) { $num_ref++ }
        my $num_var = $num_reads - $num_ref;
        my $varAlleleFreq = ($num_var/$num_reads)*100;

Then use samools mpileup to get all the base calls at the snp-postitions and calculate BAF with

samtools mpileup -q 15 -Q20 -f hg19.fa -l snp137.bed yourSample.bam | --min-reads 20 > yourSample_mpileup_snp137_minReads20_minMapQ_15_minBaseQ_20.bed

This skips bases with base quality lower than 20 and bases in reads with mapping quality lower than 15. Furthermore it ignores snp positions where the amout of reads that are mapped is lower than 20.Then plot with any visualization program you like. I prefer ggplot2

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Won't this procedure also skip all variant sites were a BAF can be calculated in your local samples but are not recorded in a SNP database? We see this fairly routinely in our sequencing work.

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Good point. Did not think about that, I did this for the first time yesterday :-S Variant detected not in dbSnp should be in as well. But you have to inspect the distribution of BAFs of those variants to see if you dont overload your profile with low BAF values (because 99.9% is BAF VALUES~ 0) or that they have a BAF lower limit (because snp calller only reports variants above certain threshold)

ADD REPLYlink written 7.5 years ago by Irsan7.2k

That's true. It depends on how interested you are in very rare variants in the population I suppose. But setting a lower threshold for BAF for some sort of post-hoc filtering after the BAF calculations would be perfectly reasonable I would think.

ADD REPLYlink written 7.5 years ago by DG7.1k

Thanks for the thorough answer!

ADD REPLYlink written 7.5 years ago by Stephwen140

No thanks. Also, if you have any problems with getting the BAFs from the bams or visualization issues let me know :-)

ADD REPLYlink written 7.5 years ago by Irsan7.2k

I have  problems with getting the BAFs from the bams and visualization issues with ggplot2..can you show me the plot code in r? Thanks

ADD REPLYlink written 5.3 years ago by huangtanxiao0

Irsan, I have some queries which I started as a question thread Trouble with samtools mpileup on my exome bam files. I would be happy if you can give me some useful insights where am getting wrong. I would say I have used these bam files for SNP calling and pretty work fine but for calculating B-Allele frequency they fail when am using mpileup on them. Any thoughts?

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