Does Galaxy Offer Assembly Software?
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9.8 years ago

I have been browsing the Galaxy wiki pages and they mention galaxy wrappers for several assembly tools, like Velvet, Trinity and Abyss, but I couldn't find the documentation on how to have them working on the cloud.

There is a Galaxy cloud screencast, but I couldn't find detailed instructions on where to find the assembly wrappers code (this url gives me a 404: and how to set them up for a Galaxy Cloud instance. Anyone?

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9.8 years ago

As far as I know assembly is not offered in the default Galaxy server due to the unpredictable amount of computing resources that an assembly may require. So you would need to run a custom Galaxy instance while deploying your own tools.

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9.7 years ago
tnabtaf ▴ 100

There are several publicly accessible servers that support assembly. See My memory is that CBIIT and Andromeda do.

The Galaxy cloud instance supports Velvet when it first comes up. See for almost up-to-date instructions on how to set up a coud instance at AWS.

If you have your own Galaxy instance there are several tools in the tool shed you can use. See and click on Assembly.


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