Estimating The Number Of Mutations Due To Taq Hifi Polymerase In Pcr Reactions
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10.5 years ago
Will 4.5k

Hey all,

I've been asked to estimate the number of mutations that we see in our Sanger sequencing project that could be due to our PCR process. I went googling around for an equation or simulation but all I found was a paper from '98 in the Journal of General Virology. ("Contribution of Taq polymerase-induced errors to the estimation of RNA virus diversity" 1998, 79, 2921–2928). But I'm looking for something a little more mathematical.

I know the starting number of copies, the PCR amplification process and the Error rate of our polymerase. I'm guessing the error rate will be low since only an error in the first few rounds will be able to propagate enough to be seen by Sanger sequencing.

Any references or tools would be greatly appreciated.



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