Confusion Related To The Experiment R-Th Meta Analysis For Identifying Differential Gene Expression
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8.0 years ago
mikewhity • 0

I was reading this paper where they say they run r-th meta analysis method to find significant genes They have 7 drugs that they apply on 27 cancer cells. They mention that they got the gene expression data for 27 cells from array express. When I look at their algorithm for r-th meta analysis something like

Let xgsk denote the gene expression value of gene g, cell line s for drug k, s, 1≤g≤G, 1≤s≤S, 1≤k≤K

So, this means they were measuring the cell's gene expression after apply different drugs?

However, in the paper they mention

Gene expression profiles of 27 breast cell lines are publicly available and were downloaded from ArrayExpress [16] with accession number E-TABM-157

So I am a bit confused whats going on, how to perform this r-th metaanalysis. As them I have drug responses for 18 cells. And I have downloaded the gene expression data for the 18 cells. I am not sure how to use the r-th meta analysis in my case. I don't have measured gene expression after applying different drug samples


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8.0 years ago

I think this is a question best addressed to the authors of the study.

What you are asking is too much work to understand for someone that would not actually be looking a the same paper at this exact moment.


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