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9.2 years ago
polangxin ▴ 80

i have run the REL (in linux, with comand line) , and it suggest the MSA.fit. is the best. When processing REL result (in Windows, with GUI), Use Standard analyis - Codon Selection Analyses - CodonBivariateRateProcessor.bf. process MSA.fit., it came to an error: ERROR

but processing MSA.fit.1.2.3, it comes all right. the right result

When processing MSA.fit.1.2.3 and before, it comes all right. When processing MSA.fit. MSA.fit., it comes with ERROR!
i've tried 4 computers with Windows 7(X64), Windows XP. get the same error. Now, it want to find the rate class with dN>dS. are there other ways to get it? like in linux wiht command lines(i've tried, but failed. I don't know the steps)?

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