Local Clovr Cluster Or Ec2?
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11.2 years ago

I'm setting up a annotation pipeline for some prokaryotic Illumina data, and I thought CloVR seemed like a good place to start. I know it's still in beta, but hopefully someone has some experience running it. I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible for CloVR to operate on a small group (3-5) of local machines?
  2. If not, which EC2 instances offer a reasonable cost/time ratio? For instance, do the Micro instances have sufficient power to serve as nodes in the BLAST/HMMer steps? From a financial standpoint, making the most out of the free usage tier would compensate for up to twice as much additional processing time, relative to other EC2 instances.



I noticed that the CloVR AMIs are instance store only, but I think that the conversion to EBS should be trivial.

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11.2 years ago
Mndoci ★ 1.2k

You shouldn't use Micro for any workload that requires sustained throughput. They are designed to serve a few requests a minute and disk IO is going to be limited.

Converting to EBS should be easy, and if you do so, consider using HVM and using the CC1 instances. If you don't need memory,C1 instances have the best price/perf. If you do need memory and some IO, tough to beat CC1.


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