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7.6 years ago

Want to learn how to use the Ensembl Perl API? A new filmed course for the Ensembl API is available online for free.

In a series of video lectures, the Ensembl developers will take you through using the Perl API, then offer exercises where you can have a go at the the concepts introduced. There are sample scripts to show you how you might have solved the exercises with short videos describing what was used in these solutions.

This course should provide you with a solid basis for using the Ensembl Perl API for accessing all Ensembl data.

This course was filmed at an API workshop at the EBI in May.

Don't forget about our additional free courses on EBI Train Online, including our filmed browser course, our quick tour and our browsing chordate genomes course. Plus, you can organise a free browser or API workshop at your institute (only costs are the expenses of the trainer(s)).

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I think also this tutorial will help if any one want to know more information about Ensemble before the Perl API course it is also filmed What is Ensembl?

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Absolutely. If you're a complete beginner to Ensembl, the browser courses are a good idea to get you started on what the database is and the kinds of data in it. You can then move on to the more complicated API course to learn about accessing the data that way.


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