Question: Extracting Reads Containing A Specific Variant From A Bam File
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4.8 years ago by
Nick Stoler60
Penn State
Nick Stoler60 wrote:

Perhaps my Google-fu is failing me, because this doesn't seem like an uncommon need, but I can't find any answer here.

Say I have a SAM/BAM file, and a variant at a known location. I'd like to extract all the alignments from the BAM file which contain that variant. That is, I'd like the ALT, not the REF allele. I do not want all the reads at that location. Is there an existing tool or workflow out there that can accomplish this?

I would honestly be surprised if there wasn't, since I would imagine it's a common situation to be interested in a certain variant and investigate the reads supporting it. Specifically, I'd like to make sure there's no bias in where along the read it falls, or the strand of the read. I should note that my coverage is very high, so it's not feasible to extract all the reads covering the site and manually sort them out.

I've already started a script that does this by parsing CIGAR strings, but I wanted to check that it doesn't already exist before going further down this road.

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Maybe something like this:

samtools view foo.bam | grep -E 'pattern'

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@PhilS: your solution won't help parsing the cigar string.

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Sry I thought you need the whole information of the read given by a bam file. If you need the cigar string only you can do it like:

samtools view foo.bam1:1660404-1660404 | awk '{print $6"\t"$10'} | grep 'pattern' | cut -f 1

this will give you the cigar strings of all reads containing 'pattern'

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no, you have to walk over the cigar string to see if the read contains or not the variation. You cannot use a regex for this.

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Danville, PA
Rm7.7k wrote:

See if this oneliner helps: For example: at given position say "1:1660404" get reads with Variant from the bam file:

samtools view -b INPUT.bam 1:1660404-1660404 | samtools fillmd -e - REFERENCE.fasta | grep -v "^@"| awk -v pos="1660404" 'BEGIN {OFS = FS = "\t" } ; {n=split($10,a,"") ; if(a[(pos-$4)+1] != "=" ) print pos,(pos-$4)+1, a[(pos-$4)+1], $1, $4, $10 }'

Potential output:

Position Distance_from_read_start Variant READ_NAME Read_Start READ

    1660404 31      G       HI-SW1050R:121:D2C53BCXX:8:2211:2278:38508      1660374 ==============================G===================================================
    1660404 30      G       HI-SW1050R:121:D2C53BCXX:8:2308:3759:48204      1660375 =============================G====================================================
    1660404 25      G       HI-SW1050R:121:D2C53BCXX:2:2208:13607:73456     1660380 =======C================G=========================================================
    1660404 25      G       HI-SW1050R:121:D2C53BCXX:6:2201:3216:84210      1660380 =======C================G=========================================================
    1660404 25      G       HI-SW1050R:121:D2C53BCXX:8:1316:1264:91116      1660380 =======C================G======N==N===================N=N=========================
    1660404 16      G       HI-SW1050R:121:D2C53BCXX:2:1301:15715:89711     1660389 ===============G==================================================================

Note: READ base changed to '=' if identical to reference base: it doesn't show indels and soft-clipped bases

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That's good to know about fillmd's -e option, but unfortunately it seems it doesn't show indels. Also, soft-clipped bases appear just like SNV's.

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@Nick : thats True, I will edit it

ADD REPLYlink written 4.8 years ago by Rm7.7k

lovely solution!

I wanted to filter the read pairs also, in which case I used your command to get the read names, stored them in an intermediate file and then extracted the same info (using fillmd) to get the read pairs into a .sam file

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4.8 years ago by
France/Nantes/Institut du Thorax - INSERM UMR1087
Pierre Lindenbaum111k wrote:

My previous answer might help: position of mismatches per read from a sam/bam file : you'll get the content of each read (as XML) for each base.

ADD COMMENTlink written 4.8 years ago by Pierre Lindenbaum111k

Thanks! So it looks like that can get the information I need. It's a custom script like I've been writing (except certainly much nicer and faster), instead of an existing tool, so I'll take that as an answer to whether I'm reinventing the wheel.

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