Maturity Models To Assess The Level Of Bioinformatics In An Organization
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10.7 years ago
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I am very interested in developing and applying maturity models for assessing the level of bioinformatics processes in our organisation (and other organisations as well).

Even though maturity models are very commonly used in regard to Business Intelligence/Analytics and business and information technology processes, I have not come across any direct examples related to bioinformatics.

I am looking for information about if/how maturity models have been used to assess the maturity of bioinformatics in organisations, related publications, and personal opinions of what you think about the whole “maturity models & bioinformatics” idea.

It would be great to hear concerns/criticism, personal experiences etc. related to the topic.

Some general information about maturity models:

I think that the for example the five commonly used levels:

  1. Initial (chaotic, ad hoc, individual heroics) - the starting point for use of a new or undocumented repeat process.
  2. Repeatable - the process is at least documented sufficiently such that repeating the same steps may be attempted.
  3. Defined - the process is defined/confirmed as a standard business process, and decomposed to levels 0, 1 and 2 (the last being Work Instructions).
  4. Managed - the process is quantitatively managed in accordance with agreed-upon metrics.
  5. Optimizing - process management includes deliberate process optimization/improvement.
    ..could be very well used to assess the organisation of bioinformatics processes, and especially in the academic setting my feeling is that most organisations are just on either the 1st or 2nd level (while the 2nd level is clearly linked to repeatable research)..

In any case, all thoughts, comments and links to useful material would be appreciated!

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10.7 years ago

Interesting concepts.

I like the formulation: the process is at least documented sufficiently such that repeating the same steps may be attempted

I would say we are at a level that is in between 1 and 2. Lots of individual heroics, some processes we even attempt to repeat.


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