P1 And A Adater Trimming And Mapping From Ion Torrent Reads
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9.0 years ago
serpalma.v ▴ 70

Hi eveyone, i have a few very basic questions that are buging me: - The emulsion PCR performed to create a template results in amplicons attached to a bed, which in turn goes to the pico-well and sequencing is performed afterwards. Such amplicons habe a forward strand attached to the bead and a reverse strand "free" that detaches after denaturation, leaving only the forward (5-3) starnd as the sequencing template, with he P1 adapter at 5' and the A adapter at 3'. Correct?

  • Sequencing will ocurr after a primer anneals to the 3' end of the template. That region corresponds to the A adapter and the sequence occurs towards the bead. As a result, bases are called from the primer annealed to the A adapter and will finish in the last nucleotide of the P1 adapter (on the bead). Is this correct?

  • Adapter trimming therefore should be performed at the 5' end (A adapter) and at the 3' end (P1 adapter)?

  • Why is always talked about trimming only the 3' end?

I know is quite a long post, however i am new at NGS.

Thanks in advance, Sergio Sergio.pv is offline

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