Wgaviewer Cannot Access To Ensembl Database
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7.9 years ago

Hello Biostar!

One of my collegue encounter a trouble using WGAViewer.

She was able to use their sample files, provided by the software, to test the application, she obtained the same results as the example.

Then, she wanted to input their own SNPs data and used the Ensembl database for the annotation along genes. But the programm returned an error.

This error suggests that the problem could be:

  1. due to our proxy (she didn't configure the viewer to use a proxy and the documentation is poor for the configuration pannel)
  2. because she is not connected, but she is connected to internet
  3. due to a slow connection, but it doesn't seem to be the case

Anyone still encounter this problem? How could we resolve it? Is there something that we did wrong on the configuration panel?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Nolwenn

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