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7.5 years ago

The latest Ensembl release is out. The new release includes:

  • Updated human GENCODE release 19 and mouse GENCODE release M2 gene sets including manual annotation from Havana
  • New assembly patches for human (GRCh37.p13) and mouse (GRCm38.p2) dbSNP Build 138 data for human, mouse and cow New secondary structure models for ncRNAs
  • New matrix configuration for RNASeq models for human, sheep and opossum
  • Updated human phenotype data COSMIC version 67 and update of COSMIC structural variants
  • Variation data for sheep from dbSNP build 128 as well as imported sheep genotyping chips
  • Added mouse phenotype data from IMPC (International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium)
  • New species: sheep, cave fish and spotted gar
  • Updated armadillo assembly to Dasnov3.0. Tissue-specific gene models with indexed BAM files are also provided.

Find out more at the Ensembl blog, or have a look on the Ensembl website.

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7.5 years ago

I love this picture:

enter image description here

which, by the way, is from your twitter account:


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