Question: Somaticsniper Hangs Up
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Jack60 wrote:

I'm running SomaticSniper on whole-exome tumor/normal pairs. A typical run takes a couple hours. One sample, however, keeps running after 24hrs. No error message. I can't figure out why.

It doesn't seem to be a hardware problem because other bams from the same dataset process just fine. (all from Illumina HiSeq 2500, 100x coverage, whole exome using NimbleGen Exome v3.0)

The size of the problemmatic bam is 29GB. I've run Sniper on 35GB and 39GB bams without an issue. I've also tried reducing the size of the bam by filtering out duplicate reads, zero-map-quality reads, unmapped reads, bad mates etc. It didn't resolve the issue.
Below is the top output. As you can see, each instance of bam-somaticsnip is running at %100 CPU.

25941 jack      20   0 78192  67m  916 R  100  0.1   1436:46 bam-somaticsnip
28418 jack      20   0 75480  64m  916 R  100  0.1 925:23.75 bam-somaticsnip
 1379 root      20   0  132m 1288  696 S    0  0.0  76:55.48 Xorg

It seems like the hang up occurs near or at the end of the bam file. Because the output shows mutations from chrUn_gl000241, which is located near the end of the UCSC reference genome. (Unlocalized contigs run up to 249.)

chrUn_gl000230    19978    C    Y    C    52    46    46    41    78    0    43    307    261    34    49    222    33    20    86    34    49    207    0    0    0
chrUn_gl000234    3507    T    Y    T    64    59    59    42    85    0    42    97    109    32    51    70    35    21    25    32    50    84    0    0    0
chrUn_gl000237    2302    a    W    A    54    94    94    38    71    0    39    34    36    29    31    25    33    57    9    32    38    33    0    0    0
chrUn_gl000237    2406    a    R    A    41    34    34    38    99    0    43    65    90    29    38    53    31    38    12    29    45    79    0    0    0
chrUn_gl000241    4303    C    M    C    42    35    35    47    125    0    45    203    230    33    46    160    30    52    37    33    45    196    0    0    0

Any insights on why this might happen? Any suggestions?

Is there an undocumented command-line parameter to run SomaticSniper in "verbose mode" so I can see where it is hanging up exactly?

*** UPDATE ***

I removed unlocalized contigs 241-249 from the bam file, and that resolved the issue. I visualized those contigs on IGV. Largest depth on any of them is about 1700. chrUn_241 seems to be pretty badly aligned, but removing only that contig didn't solve the problem. Check out the visualization below.


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You'll probably need to provide more information in order to get a useful response. There are any number of things that could be going on, ranging from hardware problems to an abnormally large bam.

ADD REPLYlink modified 4 months ago by RamRS25k • written 6.0 years ago by Chris Miller21k

Chris, I've updated the question with more details. Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks for your help.

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I have only observed behavior like this on BAMs with extremely high depth, but that doesn't appear to apply to your situation here. What version are you using?

ADD REPLYlink written 6.0 years ago by ernfrid380

I'm using 1.0.3. It doesn't seem like depth is the problem. Please see the update to my post.

I'm happy to share the data, if you'd like to figure out what's going on.

ADD REPLYlink written 6.0 years ago by Jack60

This sounds suspiciously like a bug. I'd want to run Sniper in the debugger and see where it is churning in order to understand this better. For that, a small example dataset would be best. Does the behavior still occur utilizing only unplaced contigs? How big is that BAM file?

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I've not tested running SomaticSniper only on the unlocalized contigs. Bam files are ~40Gb each.

Let me know what you think.

ADD REPLYlink written 6.0 years ago by Jack60

I'm interested in learning more about the bug here, but I don't think transferring the whole BAM is feasible. 40Gb is quite sizable for troubleshooting. In addition, I'm concerned about transferring human sequencing data around with regards to data protection and access permissions.

In the past, we had a similar problem due to coverage issues which we resolved and haven't seen come up internally. Based on your screenshots, I wonder if gl000248 is your actual issue. What if you remove just that contig from your BAM?

ADD REPLYlink modified 4 months ago by RamRS25k • written 5.9 years ago by ernfrid380

I've just run into the same problem with SomaticSniper 1.0.4.

The job got stuck somewhere around chrUn_gl000241. SomaticSniper is running at 100% but no progress is made.

ADD REPLYlink modified 4 months ago by RamRS25k • written 5.2 years ago by lethalfang0

I observe a similar problem... ran it in gdb after letting it run for an hour or two (on a targeted sequencing dataset ... high depth)

gdb --args /mnt/galaxy/data/galaxy/sw/bin/bam-somaticsniper -f /mnt/galaxy/data/genome/hg19/seq/hg19.fa -F vcf /mnt/galaxy/data/galaxy/user-data/000/273/dataset_273138.dat /mnt/galaxy/data/galaxy/user-data/000/273/dataset_273140.dat test.vcf
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Preparing to snipe some somatics
Using prior probabilities
Normal bam is /mnt/galaxy/data/galaxy/user-data/000/273/dataset_273140.dat
Tumor bam is /mnt/galaxy/data/galaxy/user-data/000/273/dataset_273138.dat
Program received signal SIGTSTP, Stopped (user).
0x0000000000407ded in get_next_pos ()
Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install glibc-2.12-1.80.el6_3.6.x86_64 zlib-1.2.3-27.el6.x86_64
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0000000000407ded in get_next_pos ()
#1  0x00000000004086f5 in bam_sspileup_file ()
#2  0x00000000004040f8 in main ()

here are the last couple of output lines.

chrUn_gl000220    158175    .    c    T    .    .    .    GT:IGT:DP:DP4:BCOUNT:GQ:JGQ:VAQ:BQ:MQ:AMQ:SS:SSC    0/1:0/1:1117:210,292,271,344:0,502,0,613:42:.:57:34,34:1:1,1:1:.    1/1:1/1:480:87,119,119,155:0,206,0,272:3:.:3:33:1:1:3:32
chrUn_gl000234    36362    .    G    A    .    .    .    GT:IGT:DP:DP4:BCOUNT:GQ:JGQ:VAQ:BQ:MQ:AMQ:SS:SSC    0/1:0/1:27:10,9,4,4:8,0,19,0:129:.:129:35,35:40:40,41:1:.    0/0:0/0:27:14,13,0,0:0,0,27,0:108:.:108:35:41:41:3:111
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You're probably going to want to either post this as a new question or file an issue here:

ADD REPLYlink written 5.0 years ago by Chris Miller21k
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