Job:2 Computational Biologist / Data scientist positions in single-cell and multi-OMICs data integration at Institut Imagine (Paris, FR)
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2.2 years ago
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The Imagine Institute in Paris (France) has two exciting openings to join the group of Inflammatory responses and transcriptomic networks in diseases, lead by Dr Mickaël Ménager.

1) Computational Biologist for single-cell analyses (REF: Imagine_191B)

The computational Biologist will collaborate with the bioinformatic platform and the LabTech Singel-CEll@Imagine, to deliver single-cell clustering analyses coupled with differential gene expressions, and pathway analyses.

The job will focus on setting up, and optimise pipelines to analyze single-cell multi-omics datasets such as single-cell transcriptomic coupled with barcoded antibodies (CITE-seq), single-cell epigenomics, single-cell spatial transcriptomic.

The contract will start as soon as possible for a period of 3 years. Detailed job description

2) Data scientist for multi-OMICs data integration (REF: Imagine_192B)

The data scientist will be expected to apply s/he computational skills to the use and development of machine learning algorithms, in order to integrate altogether our multi-OMICs datasets and to infer in an unbiased way multi-OMICs networks specifically engaged upon autoinflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

The contract will start as soon as possible for a period of 4 years and possibility of transition towards a permanent position (CDI) as Imagine employee. Detailed job description

For additional information, or to apply please email, including a letter of motivation, a detailed CV, and the position reference.

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