Are alternative splicing analysis and differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data both needed?
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20 months ago
ams2021 • 0

I am trying to design an experiment to do differential experiment analysis on two breeds of one species and compare them. I have been suggested to do alternative splicing analysis and look for different variants using RNA-seq as well. The genome of the animal I am working with has been assembled, and I have access to its gff file. Do I need to do alternative splicing analysis in addition to differential expression as well? Also, please recommend software to do alternative splicing analysis for RNA-seq.

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20 months ago
darbinator ▴ 300

it all depends on your first biological question. AS is an essential component of gene expression regulation so if you compare two breads of one specie I find relevant to study it in parallel of differential gene expression.

I suggest you, for AS analysis, to use STAR alignement tool in 2pass-mapping mode (to detect more splicing junctions) :

and for the statistical part, rMATS (, that focus on compare the splicing junction between two conditions

PS : I studied AS two years ago so maybe better tools have been developed since


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