Running Snakemake on the computing cluster
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16 months ago
wangdp123 ▴ 280

Hi there,

I have a question about how to run Snakemake tool properly on the HPC (cluster) and I understand that there are at least three ways of doing this below:

1) The following is the content of a shell script.


#$ -cwd

#$ -V

#$ -l h_rt=48:00:00

#$ -l nodes=10,ppn=1

snakemake -p --cores 10 --snakefile test.snakemake

The way of running is to run "qsub" to submit this job to the compute nodes of HPC.

2) Use the --cluster argument suggested by the Snakemake manual ( as below:

snakemake --cluster qsub -j 32 --snakefile test.snakemake

3) Use the --profile argument suggested by the Snakemake manual ( as below:

snakemake --profile myprofile --snakefile test.snakemake

I was wondering if the three methods can lead to the same effects. If not, what would be the difference? Although I was told that the first approach is not going to make use of the multiple nodes of HPC, I don't see that it is true as in practice it seems to have made use of the 10 nodes of HPC.

Many thanks,


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I use your approach #1, because I need to load a custom conda environment for snakemake to run. From the documentation, I'm not clear if a job would be launched for each rule or for the entire pipeline when using options 2 and 3 - what is your experience on that?


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