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19 months ago

We are looking to fill a bioinformatics staff position in the Griffith Lab at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. To learn more about our research and the team you would be joining please refer to our lab website:

For more details and an application link, please refer to the Bioinformatics Staff section of our website here:

Briefly the position would involve:

Developing and conducting research projects, including experimental design, data analysis, and documentation of experimental results. The primary focus of this position will be the analysis of multi-omics data from patients with various types of cancer, the creation of new computational approaches for cancer genomics and immunogenomics, and the development of tools to support these activities. Responsibilities include use of existing bioinformatics tools to process sequence data (alignment, variant calling, etc.), producing visualizations that aid interpretation of large data sets, working with software developers to release open access bioinformatics tools, and contributing to publications and educational workshops.

Primary duties and responsibilities

Designs, develops, and implements:

  • Algorithms and computer software for analyzing high-throughput, massively parallel genomic data sets;
  • Relational databases to store, disseminate and analyze data, including verification of data submitted and recommendations for analyses;
  • Web interfaces and queries to access relational databases; maintains web server;
  • Independent research projects, including design of research protocols and development of procedures for the collection, verification, and management of data.
  • Performs complex systems analysis of data and writes interpretative reports.
  • Evaluates commercial and academic bioinformatics software.
  • Trains other researchers on the everyday use of analysis software and research databases.
  • Assists with grant preparation and reporting of methods, data, and results.
  • Solves practical problems relating to difficulties with equipment or test subjects; suggests technical or procedural improvements in testing methods.

Application link:

This is for an entry level position. More experienced applicants are welcomed to reach out as well and may fit better into a different job title/grade.

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