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27 days ago

Be our Bioinformatician -> help us understand and tackle cancer

Turbine is building a computational model of human cellular biology, transforming the understanding of deadly disease and designing life-saving treatments for patients with cancer.

Combining molecular biology with data science, artificial intelligence and massive scale in the cloud, our interdisciplinary team works with leading biopharmaceutical companies across the globe.

Apply if you are excited to take part in building a company at the bleeding edge of bioscience and technology from beautiful Budapest in the heart of Hungary.

Who are we? Turbine was founded on the premise that a predictive, computational model of biology would revolutionize drug discovery much like computer aided design software transformed engineering.

Our growing team of biologists, data scientists and software developers has spent the last years building this model, allowing researchers to design and refine therapies before running years of biological experiments. Through millions of simulated experiments, Turbine finds the shortest, safest route for new therapies to reach patients, enabling researchers to focus their resources on fighting disease in the most efficient way possible.

About the role

We’re looking for a bioinformatician who knows their way around the newest high-throughput data generation methods (single-cell transcriptomics, proteomics, phosphoproteomics) to support our proprietary data generation pipeline.

You’ll be working with our Skunkworks team who advance how we develop models inside Turbine - unlocking new data sources to inform our Simulated Cell model. As a bioinformatician, you’ll be working with AI experts and biologists providing the bioinformatics expertise to understand what kind of information could we glean from different datasets to ensure we’re not trying to fit measurement noise.

You yourself would take part in creating algorithms to look at data in new ways in order to further our understanding of how cellular signaling works. This added knowledge will then be used to create new drug candidates to fight cancer.

Required skills and qualifications Essential

  • Experience in analysing proteomics or single-cell transciptomic data
  • A good understanding of modern biological data generation methods
  • Knowledge of industry best practices dealing with bioinformatics data
  • A strong external network of contacts across industry and academia to engage in ideas and knowledge share
  • Good command of Python and relevant bioinformatics libraries
  • A working knowledge of statistics and hypothesis testing


  • Basic machine learning / data science knowledge is a plus

Please note that we are based in Budapest and can only consider candidates with a valid EU work permit.

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