bash question: Copy Files to New Directory Using List of File Order
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17 months ago
Simone • 0

This kinda hard to explain in a post, but I have a txt file with a list of file orders directory (over 5000 files), and i need to copy certain files that match the order to new directory. so, for example, i need the 45th, 323rd, 2356th, etc file in a directory copied to a different directory using a column with the file orders like:





One txt file has 900 file "positions/orders" and the other has 754 file "positions/orders". I was thinking maybe first finding a way to rename all of the files in the directory with their position like "filename_1.txt" would help?

For context, the directory is ~5200 gene tree files, and I'm trying to pull out the discordant ones to analyze them from an output file that lists which ones are concordant/discordant but makes the tree IDs in order of how they're read into the program rather than using their original labels.

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