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5 weeks ago

helllo all, I am working with SCENIC and i wanted to visualize the Regulatory network based on TF and genes based on weight. I have attached part of the example data

GENE    TF  Weight
SCAF4   ADNP2   0.014681328
FXR1    AEBP2   0.015255361
POLDIP3 AEBP2   0.016756856
ZCCHC7  AEBP2   0.014026398
RBM5    AFF4    0.017212446
SECISBP2L   AFF4    0.016822988
FMR1    AGGF1   0.012665615
RC3H1   AGGF1   0.014538355
EIF4A2  AKR1A1  0.012720702
FAM50A  AKR1A1  0.020303092
TFB1M   AKR1A1  0.017035138
AHNAK   ANXA1   0.016743796
ANXA2   ANXA1   0.022482304
HMGN2   ANXA1   0.016877484
DDX49   ANXA11  0.014132594

I want to visualize something like this.enter image description here

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