VennDiagram for differentially expressed proteins
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5 months ago


New to programing I'm trying to make a simple venn diagram where I could see the amount of proteins which are diffentially expressed in 1 conditon or 2 and so on, but I'm struggling and mixing up all the info I can find with no noticeable results

I have a data set that looks like this:

Group   CPAM1 vs Fetal  CPAM2 vs Fetal  Healthy vs Fetal
Q02413  -3.43755    -3.08409    0
O75718  -3.06383    0   0
P46821  -3.04528    -2.36341    0
P14923  -2.84637    -2.71775    0
O95302  -2.70363    0   0
P16949  -2.65437    -2.5391 0
O43175  -2.58961    -2.02142    -2.22347
P50454  -2.55614    -2.219  0
P13647  -2.54504    -2.03819    0
Q07065  -2.4491 -1.95651    0

and I don't know:

if I'm supose to calculate myself the intersections, how to do it.

and if VennDiagram does it on his own, how to perhaps make a logical function to replace my values which are different from zero with a "1"..

Oh, right, and I'm using (or at least trying to) R Studio.

Thank you very much for your help!!

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What is the criterium that a protein is differential here? So what is the cutoff based on the shown example?

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The data was already "cuted off" in order to be significant (.59 log ratio; fdr 0.05).

So either the value is 0 so not present in that set either it is present (positive or negative, even if in the piece of the dataset shown, only negative values appear)


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