JUM output Splicing events Visualization tools
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2.0 years ago
Shashi Kanth ▴ 10

Hi all,


I was working on mRNA Splicing event analysis. I was using the JUM tool for mRNA splicing which gives 6 categories of splice patterns

for Visualizing these splice events I was looking for tools, came across IGV, LeafViz.

LeafViz is a Shiny app that is more interactive needs more scripting the inputs. but LeafViz is part of Leafcutter it didn't accept other format files. I have started using LeafViz for JUM output files and I have troubleshooting errors that I encountered.

if anyone please let us know if it's possible to use JUM output files in Leafviz for the Visualization of splicing events or else please mention tools that are most useful for Visualization of Splice events.

Hope to hear good suggestions.

Thank you

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