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4 months ago

Are you a breast cancer or oncology researcher?

Do you work with HUGE multi-modal or multi-omic data sets?

Do you wish there was an easier way to connect the dots between the wealth of publicly available cancer data (TCGA, TCIA, GEO, etc)?

In collaboration with NCI/NIH, SimBioSys has developed PhenoScope - a cloud-enabled, web-based portal to enable multiscale visualization of oncology data - spanning scales from genomes to tissues. By combining novel methods and existing tools from SimBioSys’ clinical platform, the tool is intended to support researchers in the fields of oncology drug development, bioinformatics & biomarker development, and radio-genomics.

PhenoScope will provide researchers with a platform that is:

  • Accessible anywhere without the need for expensive, specialized computational infrastructure.
  • Leverage best-practice workflows without the need to learn programming.
  • Customizable with plug-and-play analysis pipelines to fit expert-level needs.

We are looking for faculty/post-docs/phd students that study cancer with multi-modal/multi-omic approaches to participate in usability testing for our PhenoScope platform, and we think this community would fit the bill very well. If you've had any difficulties in working with these huge complex datasets, our platform could help, and we would love to hear from you! On that topic, the first 20 participants to complete our simple, 10-minute questionnaire will receive a $25 amazon gift card.

You can learn more about our company by visiting our web page.

Access the survey here.

PhenoScope UI

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