From which genome assembly do these coordinates come?
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9 weeks ago
Basti ▴ 20

Hi everyone,

I have a list of CpG genomic coordinates from GoldenGate Illumina Array as here on the image, but I can't figure out from which genome assmebly these coordinates come from and it is not mentionned in the article. Coordinates This is the link for the article :

How could I perform to be sure from which genome these coordinates come from? I tried to search some locations in Genome Browser but I still have the doubt between hg17 and hg18.

Thanks in advance for your help

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9 weeks ago

Unfortunately, you only have two possibilities here as the information does not appear available in the article. So much for reproducible science...

  1. Contact the authors directly, but the probability is high that they will not respond or will not even remember.
  2. Systematically search for the sequence around the coordinates above and see if the sequence matches (CG or GC) in hg17/18.

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