effects of posttranslational protein modifications database?
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22 months ago
Camelia ▴ 30

Hello! I am searching for a database/tool/anything that is able to tell me if a posttransational modification of a protein (in my case s-glutathionylation) inhibits or not a protein. I have a proteomic analysis from which I see which proteins are s-glutathionylated and which are not. I need to find out which proteins and, even better, pathways end up being altered as a consequence of this s-glutathionylation. For example S-glutathionylation on AMPK-α catalytic subunit activates AMPK whereas glutathionylation of phospho-fructokinase inhibits it. Checking all the proteins one by one is impossible hence my question of a tool that can do it automatically. Can anyone help me with this please? Thanks in advance!

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