How to change various SNP identifiers into rsID in Plink.
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3 months ago
geno89 ▴ 10

My .bim file looks like this

1       chr1_847228_C_T       847228  A       G
1       rs1806509             853954  C       A
1       chr1_854250_A_G       854250  G       A
1       rs13302982            861808  A       G
1       chr1_864757_A_G       864757  G       A
1       chr1_864938_A_G       864938  G       A
1       rs2880024             866893  A       G
1       chr1_867635_C_T       867635  A       G
1       chr1_869303_C_T       869303  A       G
1       chr1_873558_G_T       873558  C       A
1       exm2275405           879439  A       G

It can be seen that SNPs identifiers used are inconsistent. I want all the SNP ids into rsID format. How can i do this preferably in plink or in R?

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