Error when searching for matches using the PSSM score with proteins (.motif BioPython)
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5 months ago

Hi everyone! I am making this question because I have been searching for an appropriate answer for a time here and in other resources and I just did not find anything. There is a very similar question not ansewered here: from Bio.motifs not working with amino acid sequences. So the problem is: I am trying to find a motif in a set of sequences. With this in mind, I followed the documentation provided in But when it comes to search the motif with the PSSM that has been constructed, this error comes:

/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/Bio/motifs/ in __init__(self, alphabet, values)
 37             if self.length is None:
 38                 self.length = len(values[letter])
 39             elif self.length != len(values[letter]): 
 40                 raise Exception("data has inconsistent lengths")
 41             self[letter] = list(values[letter])

  KeyError: 'D'

I suspect that this has something to do with the alphabet that is being used. I am dealing with proteins (so I use amino acids code letters) but it seems that search is considering nucleotides (the 2 first rows of my matrix are amino acids A and C, and the third is D). My questions are:

  • Is there any way to solve this? (I mean, this searching works with amino acids)
  • Is Bio.motifs suitable for proteins? (The example in the documentation deals with nucleotides)
  • If you do not know to answer the questions above, do you know if there is another way (programmatically) to find motifs in proteins since I have a dataset with motifs patterns that have been proven to being cleaved?
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5 months ago

Hi! I made this same question in Biopython's github page and the answer is: is designed for DNA sequences only. That means the source code needs to be changed in order to deal with proteins. More informations in the link:


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