Deleted:OMA aborted, no room for stack
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10 months ago

The OMA standalone ( is failing with Aborted (core dumped). The reason is likely related to the WSL2.

Before the abort, I get two errors:

line 18: ulimit: stack size: cannot modify limit: Invalid argument

Irrecoverable system error too many allocated structures, no room for stack

The first error comes from line 18 in OMA/OMA.2.4.2/bin/omadarwin:

if [ $os = "Linux" ]


ulimit -s unlimited

I can comment out line 18 since ulimit is unlimited anyway. I am wondering where the second error comes from, and how to correct it. I used grep ('no room for stack') on the software folder, and got a hit for /OMA/OMA.2.4.2/bin/omadarwin.linux64, a binary file. How could I correct the error knowing where the error message is coming from?

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