Cytoscape: GeneMANIA plug-in output.
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9 weeks ago
robynadams • 0

Hi all,

I'm trying to find out how to find interaction data (and weights!) for network analysis.

As some background, I have been working on GeneMANIA for the last few weeks to produce networks and to identify novel genes when searching a complied gene list (from GeoProfiles). To do this, I have been using the 'gene data' and the 'interactions reports' from GeneMANIA and analysing the data from those reports.

I have now met a challenge, where gene list is too long for GeneMANIA. I have therefore followed the GeneMANIA instructions and downloaded Cytoscape and the GeneMANIA plug-in. I have worked out how to obtain the 'gene data' from the analysis, but I cannot find any way of find in the 'interactions report' or something similar to show the weight of the interactions.

Is anyone able to give me some instructions, link me to a video or explanation to help me find the interaction weights?

I appreciate any help you can give!


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7 weeks ago
Scooter ▴ 150

Hi Robyn,

The interaction weights should be available in an edge column in the resulting network.

-- scooter


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