Nebula .cram to .bam via samtools
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7 days ago

Hi, I am running something of a preliminary medical case study on myself as I am a highly ranked strength athlete and had a very high VO2 max before training. In doing so some data has suggested there are protective traits for telomere length so I thought to have my recent Nebula 30x analyzed with TelSeq for assessing my telomere length. In doing so I'm not sour how to use sam tools to convert a cram to a bam with the index file so that it can be used.

I initially made a bam with -b -o "output name/ path" "Input name/path" - - but in telseq it has a read error (?) for only having a single read group (and then a really low output that doesn't only not match my age range but is less than 1) and in general I have read on telseq problems without proper group headers.

Would anyone know the proper command or possibly service for conversion?

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