Forum:Potential applications of the AlfaFold ?
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8 weeks ago
Alexander ▴ 20

Recently Alfafold team released its code and moreover announces open access to a database where "all" proteins will be processed and presented in database (by the end of 2021). Many colleagues kind of excited by these developments.

Would you be so kind to share your opinion what are the potential applications of these great achievements ? May be some drug design ? Protein-protein interactions ? Whatever...


My colleagues plan to have some on-line activity to discuss Alfafold and around (sorry mainly Russian), some of us are from data science community so kind to eager to know more about domain knowledge. Anyway welcome to join our telegram chat group . Today 23 July 18.00 Moscow time O.Kalinina (Helmholtz Institute) and A. Zalevsky (Moscow ИБХ РАС) will give the first talk on the topic. Details available in the chat above.

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