Reading miRNA expression
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2.6 years ago
Sreekumar • 0

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I am ignorant of the medical terminologies since I am from an engineering background. I was in need of miRNA expression data from TCGA which I have downloaded from the TCGA website. It looks like the table given above. while on reviewing the literature I had seen the expression values in the range -3 to 3 in a data set used for some previous research. The researchers claim their data is from TCGA. Can anyone help me to convert the values given below in a form within the range of -3 to 3

cross-mapped read_count miRNA_ID reads_per_million_miRNA_mapped • 447 views
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Providing papers where -3 to 3 values are used would be useful to get a little bit of context, but my guess is that you saw this on a heatmap, which normally represents expression not on absolute values but rather Z-scores.


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