SRA splitting for each metagenome-assembled genome
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2.3 years ago
hs • 0

Hi everybody, we obtained viruses from water and sequenced them with Illumina. we formed different metagenomic-assembled genomes and get a Bioproject number and Biosample numbers (for each of them). Now, i should do SRA submission. But i cannot submit for my all genomes with my raw data (paired end data). SRA said that "You should split data files by sample and submit only reads that belong to a sample for each. We do not allow link one run object to multiple BioSamples and we do not allow same files to be submitted several times." How can i distinguish reads for each genome? I used velvet assembler, can it produce specific read files for each assemble? or another assembler? Can you give me advice about this issue? because to submit Genbank for assembled genomes, i should solve SRA problem. Thank you

SRA metagenome-assembled metagenome genome MAG splitting • 532 views
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This post is duplicate of SRA splitting for each metagenome-assembled genome and the other post is deleted.


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