Can cnetplot plot points change shape in clusterprofiler?
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14 months ago
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I have a cnetplot and I am wondering if it is possible for me to do further categorising of the plot by point shape?

I have a cnetplot of genes and their interacting pathways, but the genes also have a few drug categories I wanted to just see if I could change the point shape to have shapes for each of the categories the genes might be in, as well as already having the points colour-coded by fold change.

My issue is with the enrichment data that goes in the cnetplot, it isn't the exact same length as my gene list that has drug data so I am getting an error:

pother <- cnetplot(genes_of_interest,
                   foldChange = gene_list_measure,

drugs <- fread('genes_dgidb_export.tsv')
drugs <- dplyr::select(drugs, Gene, Druggability)
gene_drugs <- drugs$Druggability
names(gene_drugs) <- drugs$Gene

pother + geom_point(aes(shape=gene_drugs, color=gene_drugs))

Error: Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (56): shape and colour

My drugs gene list is shorter than the gene list in genes_of_interest, but my drugs data does contain only genes that are in genes_of_interest and their corresponding drug categories - is there a way for me to add these into the cnetplot to consider as point shapes?

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