HTseq doesn't support Multi-Threading ?
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9 months ago

Hello, everyone !

I'm looking for a way to use HTseq with multi-thread.

I couldn't find any options about multi-thread.

Anybody knows how to, please ?

(I know there are tools support multi-thread like STAR, HISAT2. but just wonder whether HTseq doesn't support it.)

Thank you. : )

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9 months ago

HTSeq-count (I guess that is what you are referring to) doesn`t support it as of now for a single file, see the issue for the discussion and alternatives:

To be precise (citing the developer)

That's it. The -n can process up to n BAM files in parallel to speed up, but cannot use multiple cores on the same file.

Other HTSeq commands are muti-threaded and support the -n option though.

You could use featureCounts instead if you really need multi-threading support. Or run HTSeq count through parallel on multiple files, but this will not scale favorably complexity-wise (duplicated coordinate parsing, duplicated tree structures, increased simultaneous file IO), so this is not recommended.


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