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14 months ago
mstar • 0

Hello, I wanted to set up pymol, so I get the highest resolution every time it starts. this can be done in the Pymolrc file. this file can be accessed via file->edit pymolrc

my code for pymolrc is

bg white

and I am done, and where happy every time It started. because I usually start pymol with

fetch "PDB id."

or something like single commands.

but I noticed that when I run a prebuild script, it will set back the resolution to a lower setting even if the pymolrc file has been run at first. Because I can see in the log that before loading the script, the commands for high resolution in pymolrc have been initialized before loading the script.

So pls help; there must be others who preferer the highest quality as a standard setup for pymol. like People with a graphics card etc...

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