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5 weeks ago

I've got a set of genes I want to understand more about. The appropriate statistical methods have been applied in advance through regression and I dont need to perform further statistical tests. I've input these into panther db GO analyssi for Functional classification. NOT ENRICHMENT ANALYSIS.

However in the output, I only have about 30 genes in the charts and 90 or so have not been included at all. Why is this? I'm sure they must have been related to some function or other?

A few of them are unknown RNA genes, but the vast majority or important and have identified functions?

any ideas?

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Probably you have most of the genes that are Unmapped IDs , and those are the genes that are not mapped to a corresponding protein record in the PANTHER/GO. Try putting the genes in other databases and see if they map. Try GSEA, Reactome, Enrichr.


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