How to compare and group samples according to common mutated genes in R
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2.2 years ago

Hello! Sorry everyone for bothering you but I am having some trouble dealing with some data in R. I have a data frame with 2 columns, the first of them is the sample ID and the second one is a gene where a difference with the reference genome was found. I would like to group them in a sort of Venn Diagram (if it is possible) according to their shared variants (at the gene level for the moment, doesn't matter whether the variant for x gene is the same in two samples with a variant in that gene or not). There are 40 samples in the data frame and everyone can have among 20 and 120 different variants. So sorry if this problem is too basic for you, but I have tried to solve it for a long while but haven't been able to. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me!

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